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But it was not atypical. She says he replied: Several of the women were now pregnant, it added. Captain Dave Quantock, now in charge of prisoner detention at Abu Ghraib, confirmed that the women prisoners are in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day. US officials have previously acknowledged detaining Iraqi women in the hope of convincing male relatives to provide information; when US soldiers raid a house and fail to find a male suspect, they will frequently take away his wife or daughter instead. A page army inspector-general's report on prisoner abuse sank without trace last month. The prison is protected by guard towers, an outer fence topped with razor wire, and blast walls.

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Spc Swift now says that that relationship, which lasted three months, was coerced, and that she was threatened with being sent on dangerous assignments.

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Soldier charged with abusing Iraqi prisoners

Still, not everyone is ready to accept women in combat roles. The Bush administration has refused to release other photographs of Iraqi women forced at gunpoint to bare their breasts although it has shown them to Congress — ostensibly to prevent attacks on US soldiers in Iraq, but in reality, one suspects, to prevent further domestic embarrassment. Last week, the military escorted a small group of journalists around the camp, where hundreds of relatives gather every day in a dusty car park in the hope of news. A new, superior catering company now provides the inmates' food, and all the guards involved in the original allegations of abuse have left. But she joins a growing number of US troops who, having enlisted, are refusing service in Iraq. After her release from Abu Ghraib, I went to her house.

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