Bad ass flash games

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What should I do? Every time you score, the bin will also be moved backwards or forward. The last screen I can recall getting to is the edge of this canyon Despite the simple game play, there is a good deal of strategy involved. Dodge Game Very similar to Particles — only here, you will need to catch a blue square with the blue ball that you control. Click here to play Bejeweled

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You basically have to reorganize the vertices by dragging them around so that no two lines intersect.

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The 150 Best Online Flash Games

Book of Dread The expanded edition of Monster Den. Click here to play Flash Hero Click here to play Filler You control a paddle on the end of a tunnel, and the computer controls the other paddle on the other end. Click here to play Zero. It's 48 HOUR version as in "original prototype made in 48hnot 48th: Not only that, you should also aim to make them hit explosives along the way.

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bad ass flash games
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bad ass flash games
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