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Sorry about your new fame. It should be "director requests Pattinson to jerk off a dog". It seems more like the trainer told him to do that to make the dog erect, rather than making it look like he was faking it. I think the 'nottheonion' title should be 'Robert Pattinson was asked to perform a sex act on a dog', that's the unbelievable part. I bet it was a drunken bet between directors trying to figure out the best film they could make that can make fun of the Cannes Film Awards. Honestly, that feels even worse lol, but it's not weird to assume he would know that if he breeds dogs as well I'm thinking. You'll find the way.

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I know we do!

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Robert Pattinson Refused To Perform Sex On A Dog, Which Seems Like A Good Call

He even up and leaves once to try and get her to move on, and her response is to put herself into life threatening situations just to feel something again. I think we as a society decided all bestiality is animal abuse because we don't want to think about the details, and people are grossed out by any suggestions that many forms of bestiality are probably highly pleasurable for both animal and human. Shouldn't the FBI be all over this? You went from pseudo-bestiality to full blown pedophilia in three posts. Oh, look at Mr. One of the few instances where he can actually say "yes, yes it is" in such a situation.

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  1. Who said we flapped to this? I rather go back and watch classic real chicks like cherokee and Ms cleo.