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My female counterparts deal with similar problems when scanning men's testes, they also realise it's a natural reaction. When I finished it No cancer - Yay. Doctors are required legally, ethically and professionally to act in certain ways when they are around their patients. Turned out this fluid has been tamping the force of the contractions, and now it was gone, all bets were off

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Try to think of orgasm like a reflex.

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He turned the conversation round to issues to do with sex and libido. It doesn't surprise me. This exam didn't touch my cervix I hate that feelingit was just a long hard probe moving and pressing against the g-spot wall. Hahaha this has been an ongoing "huh I wonder if that can happen" question we keep asking my reproductive endocrinology professor. Sure, people have their dislikes about certain things or there are aspects that still make them squeamish but at the end of the day, its all quite normal for them. Even wiped her myself before the second birth. Also, sometimes sex can irritate the cervix or cause little abrasions.

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will gynocologist make me orgasm
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will gynocologist make me orgasm
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