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She gave him up for adoption because she thought it was the most mature decision. I'm a Catholic, and people don't chose their fate. In some states and countries, it is, and in others, it is but only if your partner is very close to you in age often, the sexual partners of very young women are not their same age. He saw the loss as an opportunity, though, so now he acts in horror movies and haunted houses, like Eli Roth's Goretorium in Las Vegas. As you can guess, this is not an actual triangular portal to the netherworld, but it's also not a cheesy attempt at photo manipulation. I think the kids have serious problems and should not have sex at like 8 or whatever their age is! Actually, neither is the case.

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That's Eli Roth standing next to him -- of course this is for a movie.

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Where should he ejaculate?

You peoples are the sickest on the earth. They've even worked the pattern of the existing tiling into the illusion to maximize everyone's freakout and have all the tourists looking around for fallen angels. We imagine that the view you're seeing here can really revolutionize weather forecasting, seeing as how you can measure the altitude of cloud cover simply by leaning out the window. She knows that no one can STOP you from thinking it. I love how you Americans think us British are bad people because of this. It's possible there can be a sort've bigger brother relationship.

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