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But just as there is diversity in genital shapes and sizes, or what turns us on, we also vary in how wet we get. If the ova meets with a fertile sperm, then the woman will be impregnated, and as soon as the one sperm has broken through the wall of the ova, then the latter changes its chemical make up with the sperm seald inside the ova. What female orgasm is the best? If no author information is provided, the source is cited instead. Still have a question? A simlar thing occurs to the male's penis which is now fully erect and has blood vessels near and inside the penis as well. Do I have a medical problem?

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A color-coded guide to vaginal discharge Eight causes of nipple pain What do different types of vaginal discharge mean?

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'I don't get wet enough during sex'

Some men can stop the penis becomming flaccid between ejaculations by gripping the base of the penis near the Scrotum, but that may mean his fingers having to enter the woman's vulva and vagina too, which may be uncomfortable for her. Read more from Women. Is there anything I can do about it? Health visitors, breastfeeding counsellors and support groups can be good places to seek reassurance. While some situations may cause a temporary loss of elasticity or swelling, the vagina recovers and regains a normal level of tightness. It is often the case that when a woman stands up that she will feel the semen moving out of her body through the vaginal tract birth canalas will the man see the surplus semen and ejaculate continue to flow through the glans of the penis.

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penetration wetness tight
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penetration wetness tight
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