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If the surgery was only on one side, starting feeding on the side where the surgery did not occur may stimulate a let down on the affected side. An average gain after that is roughly 1 ounce 30g a day, but your baby may gain somewhat more or less. If your milk supply is low you need to feed often. If your question is what are the consequences if a baby swallows amniotic fluid during birth then the answer is nothing because swallowing amniotic fluid is harmless for the baby. Four heavy wet nappies a day are usually okay.

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As long as there is no meiconium in the amniotic fluid:

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Contents Is there enough milk? What can you do for an older child who is having a trouble with their stomach after swallowing amniotic fluid? The main thing that helps you to make plenty of milk is your baby sucking milk from your breasts, so in general, the more often a baby feeds the more milk will be made. Look for open eyes when the feed starts, periods of slow about one per second sucks with periodic pauses and finishing within a half hour at most feeds. If there has been an incision cut around the edge of the areola this may have damaged the nerves to and from the nipple so that the let-down reflex does not occur. Removing some of the breast tissue breast reduction may affect the nerve supply and milk ducts, making an attempt to breastfeed unsuccessful.

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