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When will humankind ever learn? Twenty-one-year-old Aisha clings to her child as she recounts her tale of being trafficked. Skip to main content. Her life, she says, had been turned into "hell". She braved the hazardous journey with smugglers across the Indian Ocean to Yemen, and to what she thought was a better life. Before the war, there were some campaigns targeting hotels in the capital Sanaa and other provinces where prostitution usually happens, but after the war the supervision of hotels was decreased or almost disappeared. The girls were photographed having sex as blackmail to make them stay, given drugs and forced to service clients at night.

Sara keeps her five siblings and mother since her father left four years ago; Kefah has six siblings and a mother to feed after her father left for work two years ago, and was never seen again.

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Her reputation was threatened by exposure, and there was no other job to go back to. Kefah rationalises her life: The Week with IPS. Human trafficking networks with international reach are expanding in Yemen, and with poverty being a key factor, sexually exploited women are the most vulnerable victims. Years of war have left many Yemenis destitute AFP. Skip to main content.

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