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Peer influence within the home environment can probably be characterized as being protective because the large macro peer groups formed around community institutions, such as schools and athletic teams, are likely to reflect community norms. During adolescence, an individual's need for intimacy and love making with opposite gender increases. Very young adolescents years. We never hear an answer to that first question, and I highly doubt Johnston would be satisfied no matter who the author was. Negatively, it also exposes the teenager to two significant additional health-risks from increased access to alcohol and other drugs AODssexual risk taking, and violence associated with high-risk environments and lack of parental supervision. Sigmund Freud had proposed his theory of psychosexual development, where he described about — oral phase, anal phase, phallic phase, latency phase, and genital phase as the landmark steps of psycho-sexual development.

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See other articles in PMC that cite the published article.

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Licensing Teenagers: Nontraffic Risks and Benefits in the Transition to Driving Status

This is so reckless what Teen Vogue has printed…. Sexual curiosity in the adolescence led to exposure to pornography, indulgence in sexual activities, and also increases the vulnerability for sexual abuse. Application of Theory to Transition Teen Behavior Researchers interested in alcohol as a factor in traffic safety have benefited from the availability of a relatively strong, broadly available and objective measure of problem behavior, like crash involvement. Aside from traffic safety studies of such factors as driving skill, risk taking, training, and licensing, several developmental studies relating attitudes and behaviors, including alcohol and drug use, to teen crash involvement have been conducted Bingham and Shope, a ; Bingham and Shope, b ; Bingham and Shope, aShope et al. Johnston never mentions that.

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