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Kakashi was the famous Copy Nin who had a sharingan eye from his dead team mate, Obito. While Tsunade plotted away, Akasha had jumped on Kakashi's back but he did not throw her off so she rested her head on his shoulder. She knew she was having twins but not boys. Gaara saw the result in Hinata so continued to hit that one spot over and over again. Sakura said five and a half. Together they left The Sand Village.

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Hinata smiled and hugged her back.

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He smirked at Hinata's fast breathing and flushed cheeks. Gaara had scooped up her hair and now held it in place on the back of her head while lightly pushing her mouth farther onto his member. Kakashi fell in step next to her, "Aka-chan, slow down! Gaara closed the gap between their face and shyly kissed her. Their moment was destroyed as a loud cough distracted the lovers' attention. Hinata started licking and biting at his neck traveling down his chest while she started a lovely friction between their cores. One of his hands glided down her shirt and crept up her shirt to her bound breasts.

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