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By contrast, Nancy Reagan was excoriated for using astrologers to chart her husband's schedules and soliciting funds to buy new china, while Hillary Clinton was nailed to the cross for daring to work alongside her husband. Though they turn up their noses at the presidential wife who happily plays second fiddle and gazes adoringly at her husband, the fact is, as Laura Bush enters her second term as first lady today, Inauguration Day, she does so wrapped in the kind of popularity that is normally reserved for Julia Roberts or J-Lo. Which is what exactly? But Marie Wilson has bigger goals. And why are Americans so in love with a woman who rarely ventures an opinion, declares her primary role as that of a wife and bristles at the idea of exerting any influence over her husband's frankly reckless policy decisions - indeed, loyally defends them?

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Ever the dutiful wifehow she disagrees with her born-again husband on a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage.

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There is a character on the hit television show Desperate Housewives who has become, among the chattering classes, both a joke and the object of some speculation. A QC who balks at playing the beauty-queen-cutting-the-ribbon role, Cherie's multitasking has left swathes of the public - and certain sections of the national press - feeling less than comfortable about her as "first lady". Bush has no such problem. Shy by nature, she preferred to retreat into books and later enveloped herself in motherhood their twins, Jenna and Barbara, are now 22 rather than hit the stump. She also projects this steadiness and calm, and I think especially after September 11 there was a feeling that the country needed a comforter-in- chief. But what is remarkable is her broad appeal among Democratic women, who only four years ago were chanting "Hillary, Hillary" at fundraisers.

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