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My cousin is in the Army and we've been at family functions where either one or both of us have been approached with this. I know its a hard job to be firefighter or A emt. After doing the job in law enforcement for over 25 years now, I can actually say that there is nothing I see that shocks me or bothers me. The chaos that governs this life shows us all that there is no promise of another day or another hour. TV is not what it's like on scene. I hear you brother. I don't remember the face of the little old lady who just needed some comfort….

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It will be more comfortable than my truck.

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Neighbor's Daughter Fucked In Her Backyard

You can't forget but you try to ignore it. Like x 27 Hugs x 2. Almost 15 years ago I had seen all that any one person should see I walked away from all of it and the show……it still goes on not as often but you never know when the next showing will be. Show Daddy how much you love him. This pretty fucked up and dark, I love it!

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dad fucks daughter in shed
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dad fucks daughter in shed
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