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I think this is crazier than that time you brought dinosaurs back from a frozen sleep. They finally reached it and broke the surface to find themselves in a cave which had a bright beam of sunlight lighting it up. I'm not telling you this to be a killjoy, I'm telling you because I love you and want to keep you safe. Sign in to vote. Like her nightmares when she sleeps, monsters in the closet, or even the boogeyman under the bed. The town of marysville which is over the bridge from Yuba City has about 35, to 40, residents. Ariel continued singing her mother's song, as she gently rocked the baby in her arms to help her stay asleep.

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So Marlin teamed up with this blue fish Dory who was suffering short term memory loss, and practically swam the whole ocean.

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10 Disney Movies With Completely F*cked Up Morals

Good thing this movie wasn't made more recently otherwise she could have been named Little Elian. Oh like self defense, self confidence and for you it's trust in your kid that'll make it home. Or, jumping into the sea from the docks, and explore the beauty and wonders of the ocean. This is the best movie ever!! It's the world that gave children the ideas and wonders, to help understand the beauty of they see and feel in a daily life that make tem who they are to this day.

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the little mermaid spanked by her daughter
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the little mermaid spanked by her daughter
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