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Use the same method described above, raising one arm and using the other hand to check your breast in a spiral motion. When doing a breast self-exam, look for the following:. Do birth control pills increase or decrease risk for breast cancer in teens? Fibroadenoma of Breast A fibroadenoma is a benign noncancerous tumor. Any dimples or changes in the skin? An overgrowth of connective tissue in the breast causes fibroadenomas, which are noncancerous.

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Birth control and breast cancer.

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Can Teens Develop Breast Cancer? Learn the Facts

In fact, among teen girls, the most common type of breast lump is usually related to normal breast growth and development. Unlike in adult women with breast cancer, nipple discharge and having the nipple invert inward are not very common symptoms of breast cancer in teens. The American Cancer Society also notes that childhood cancers are not strongly associated with environmental and lifestyle factors like smoking or eating an unhealthy diet. The looking part is easy. As you grow and develop, you will probably notice small lumps and other changes in your breasts. Your doctor may also insert a fine needle into the lump to draw out tissue and test it for cancer.

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young teen breast exam
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young teen breast exam
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