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Several men are shown shirtless and we see their bare chests, abdomens and backs in a few scenes. A man opens and eats gooey food from a can. A giant lizard approaches a man as he flips the pins out of two hand grenades; the lizard thrashes the man into a large rock in the distance and we see an explosion. Two men and a woman hold guns on several other men with guns no one shoots. Many reviewers unfairly rejected the version Morton,yet it was the one that made the best profit: A giant lizard vomits up a human skull with some green goo. You can help us keep our independence with a donation.

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A man tells several people, "If you like your hands don't touch anything. A giant lizard eats from a dead giant water buffalo we see some of the buffalo's organs and the bloody mouth of the lizard. My hypothesis is that the version also reflects its time, when a right-wing president sat in the White House and an erotic component could get the film a rating that would keep families away, threatening the film financially see Croft, A giant ape and a giant lizard fight with many bites and throws; the ape lands among a huge chain that wraps around his arms and he cannot get free, but when he does a woman shoots the lizard in the head with a flare gun and falls off a high perch into water where she sinks motionless. A man flicks a lit cigarette onto the ground and it explodes from fumes of some sort. Many helicopters fly around a giant ape and they open fire as the ape flinches and roars; the ape knocks a helicopter to the ground and another spins out of control we see a body on the ground with some bloody wounds as the ape steps on him and another man who was alive ; two helicopters crash together mid-air and explode.

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