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Register to the free ejaculation control program to get 6 more videos with important ideas and practices to help you last longer: What did you learn from this article? Having already experienced sexual release may slow down your responses once the two of you are together. So, how do you last longer? This is the part that is missing from most courses about ejaculation control.

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You cum when you are too aroused.

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Ejaculation control – The five steps to last longer in bed

There are many techniques and practices to move the energy, for example, exhale fully and hold your breath for as long as you can, or visualize the energy going up your spine. Ejaculation, like urination and sneezing, is a physical reflex, and learning to control it takes practice, experimentation and experience, along with a willingness to make mistakes along the way. Soon you will experience whole-body orgasms without ejaculation and never look back. Remember that the next time you have sex. You might also be interested in: It will transform your relationship, creativity, confidence, career, friendships with other men, spiritual practice, social interactions, and other aspects of your life. There are daily practices and exercises outside the bedroom that will help you with this practice, as well as life style changes, hobbies, and habits that will take you even further.

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