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If you say something sexist at work, will you lose your job? What is it like to give a man a blowjob? Through the looking glass: Thanks in part to Prof Pacey's work, the Jessop Fertility Clinic helps 1, couples a year to have children who otherwise would not have been born. More From Thought Catalog. Prof Pacey, who works for the University of Sheffield, is one of Britain's first Professors of Andrology, which means he studies maleness. Dedicated to your stories and ideas.

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Monday 03 December

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Size matters: the benefit of having big balls

What is it called when two women suck a man's cock at the same time? He says that the Jessop Fertility Centre has seen an increase of patients who take protein powders as part of their gym workout regimes. So his balls will verrrrrrrrry slowly move up and down and around like the giant lumps in a lava lamp. And a popular petting zoo, no less: The bigger the balls, the more sperm a man will produce. The incidence of fertility issues in men appears to be on the rise, and while this may partly be due to more men admitting to their problems, Prof Pacey also points to surprising and relatively recent social explanations.

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woman like swinging balls
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woman like swinging balls
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