Signs of abuse vagina

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Create a free personal account to download free article PDFs, sign up for alerts, and more. Forensic evidence includes blood, semen, sperm, hair or skin fragments that could link the assault to an individual person, as well as debris e. Few children with physical symptoms or signs alone who are referred to our sexual abuse clinic have examination findings of sexual abuse. Because the examination position can influence findings, it is important to document the position in which the child was examined. Common gynecologic problems in pre-pubertal girls. This case was reported to authorities for investigation. All 6 had normal examination findings, and 2 did not have dysuria when seen in the sexual abuse clinic.

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When examination findings did not reflect the presenting symptom or sign, we assessed the likelihood of whether the presenting symptom or sign could have resolved during the interval between the presenting symptom and examination at the sexual abuse clinic.

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Children With Anogenital Symptoms and Signs Referred for Sexual Abuse Evaluations

The mean SD age of patients presenting with abnormal examination findings was 3. Immediate access to this article. Three had the presenting symptom of "abnormal examination finding," 2 had bleeding or bruising, and 1 had irritation or redness. Kaplan R, Adams JA, et al. Evaluating the Child for Sexual Abuse. Finally, many victims of sexual abuse do not seek medical care for weeks or months after the abuse, and superficial abrasions and fissures can heal within 24 to 48 hours.

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signs of abuse vagina
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signs of abuse vagina
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