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I was definitely a bad mother. They are now satisfied with having 'romantic and loving' sex sessions twice a week. Oh pls come off it, we all knw the truth even wen its not staring at us. Seyi fell pregnant at 17 with son, Andrew. I have sent nude pics of myself to him and he sent them to me too. It was the hardest thing, keeping a smile on my face and acting like nothing is wrong.

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Did you pray at all this morning?

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MY STORY: Confession Of A Female Sex Addict

November 18, Dayo Taiwo-Sidiq. Smh nop i saw a counter thread Why guys are sex addicts which was posted by a lady, meanwhile its not true so i had to post this one. Thinking about sex and addition this early morning. Op please wake the girl you slept with and tell her to go to her house Six times a day?!! SexVille Tuesday Start your day with great sex. Today, after attending numerous sex addiction meetings and step programmes, Seyi has been celibate for four years and is helping others like her.

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