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The central question of whether a vampire would still eat food is something most filmmakers would never consider, but for Wiseman who has defiantly ignored garlic and other genre trappingssuch outside-the-box thinking makes the creatures more believable. With the surprising success of the flick "Underworld," movie geeks all over the world learned two important truths: I mean, these guys really bring something. Kate Beckinsale sucks, and Scott Speedman has hair in all the wrong places. Visit Movies on MTV. He fired me after the first take, which was funny — and after awhile you kind of got into it and it was OK.

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And, for Beckinsale at least, "Evolution" has also brought back dreams of returning to regular clothes.

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One answer she can safely give is that, yes, a third "Underworld" movie is indeed on its way. Check out everything we've got on "Underworld: Check out clips from "Underworld: Now, three years later, the "Evolution" of the genre-bending franchise has brought back the curvaceous vampire and confused half-werewolf, along with their shared dreams of immortality, retribution and peace between the races. Visit Movies on MTV.

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kate beckinsale underworld evolution sex
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kate beckinsale underworld evolution sex
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