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Regards Royd Zambia, Africa. I have been wondering about that but you have just cleared my doubts. I have a kind of weird cycle and spent so many years just being at a total loss about what was going on when, when my period was going to come, etc. I thought you would have go get in there with a speculum and a flashlight and a mirror and try to squint at whatever subtle, barely detectable differences in the mucous you were supposed to find. Super awesome, as I was turned on and he was turned on and it was knee-buckling good fun. How to Treat Premature Ejaculation 21 5. So that creamy thingy was my cum.

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May 19, Reply.

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My exclusive partner of almost 4 years is male, but this particular evening he was on the receiving end of a FaceTime Sexy Adventure. It certainly felt like I was squirting everywhere, but I trust you folks pretty well when it comes to information about sexual health. So can women have an orgasm and not feel it? Regards Royd Zambia, Africa. When I first found out that you can detect where you are in your cycle based on your cervical mucous, I thought that would be really difficult and unreliable.

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