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One can be totally nude and still be modest; dressing up in jewels and war paint is exactly what Biblical modesty does not include. Fuckin tits in my face. If she had another hand free instead of a drink I bet she would've had my cock in it. Why do we have the right to strike our husband over that? And I like how my husband, whilst polite in public and friendly to all, has a side to him that is never seen by other women, and that is especially reserved for me when we are in private. At this point I had already let her pull her dress down so we can go straight inside.

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She's walking all slow and sexy while I walk behind and stroke my cock to keep it throbbing for the deep action.

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Anyway, so she's got me rock hard again. Other women would think it quite stimulating and playful. I think she was about to cum, but I'm not sure. Grabbing and sucking on those big ass tits while she grinded me was phenomenal feeling. We get inside, grab a couple drinks and a table. I love a set of tits that have some hang to em, and hers had the right amount. Now she adjusts herself on top of me for maximum riding capability.

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